About Us

 Simply put we’re two best friends who grew up with pervasive chapped and dry lips. We tried every major lip balm on the market and nothing seemed to work. In 2021, we set out to create our own lip balm with a natural base. Our HoneyBalm™ is a rich balm with a fine, soft texture that gently moisturizes and plumps your lips. Made up of beeswax, propolis and other natural ingredients that keep your lips fresh and well-hydrated.

 With the HoneyBalm™, we're dedicated to giving you the best and lip balm that rejuvenates your lips, leaving sweet and smooth feeling for the rest of the day. You will never need another lip balm again! We hope you enjoy our the HoneyBalm™   as much as we enjoy offering it to you!

Thanks for coming along with us!


Aria - Co Founder